About MinionTravels


Instead of a plethora of selfies that get posted onto Facebook, I had a friend give me a little plastic figurine of a minion for Christmas 2015. Since then, I have carried him around with me, snapping away whenever items of interest are about. 

hill_view_laosSo far, the minion has five new stamps in the old passport, a few visas, and he’s seen parts of seven different countries – UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and Australia. I’ve now crossed the water into New Zealand, but had to declare some food items, so never got my NZ stamp… I hope you enjoy joining Thierry (and me, if you’ll have me!) in a round the world trip, experiencing new food, new people and a whole lot of culture. Starting in Bangkok,  pausing in Siem Reap, hopping down under and ending who knows where?!?

If you are part-way through my story, but can’t remember exactly where you are, check out the index. It might help refresh your memory. It’s got some pretty cool pictures too, if I may say so myself!



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