Sihanoukville – Beautiful Bamboo Island

$20 all in for breakfast, a boat ride to a snorkelling bay for an hour, off to a secluded private beach on Bamboo Island for the afternoon, barbequed lunch and the boat ride back again. It really was a fantastic day and the best use of $20 I can think of.

Photo credit: Sarou Hong

Admittedly, snorkelling isn’t really for me. I was still a little sniffly from the constant change in temperatures on the A/C front, and trying to breathe only through your mouth is actually much more difficult than one would imagine! Teamed with the fact that I opted for a life jacket, not because I can’t swim, but more that I was being lazy, I lasted about 15 minutes and then headed back to the boat. A few people had some sea urchin issues and a couple of people got a little cut up on some of the sharper corals, but no major casualties and everyone loved the experience. The GoPro cameras came out again and there was some really great footage of fish and wannabe-merpeople!

You have no ideahow long it took me to frame this photo
The day was incredible – I cracked my mini speaker out at lunchtime and played some easy-listening Britpop, I sat and drew pictures in the sand, pretty much everyone caught the sun (of course in the group shot I look significantly darker than everyone else… the bane of Indian heritage), and I spent an obscenely long time trying to frame my little minion so it looked like he was playing volleyball! It eventually looked okay. Let me know what you think to my efforts…

When we got back to our side of the beach, I grabbed a shower, teased the curls back into my hair, nicked some cotton thread from one of the group who was sensible enough to bring a sewing kit on the trip, and threaded my eyebrows! Our lovely tour guide had a haircut and a couple of the guys had made an effort and actually had a shave! We looked awesome out at dinner at one of these tiny little spaces with kids playing in the back that was actually a restaurant, that served amazing food and incredibly strong cocktails. (Just as a side-note, the places that look like you could potentially contract some serious food poisoning are quite often the best restaurants you will ever eat at. Top tip… you’re welcome!) I ordered another piña colada, because it seemed like a wonderful thing to do. I subsequently ordered a can of sprite to water it down! No joke, the entire can made it into that drink! Towards the end it tasted a lot like fruit juice, but it worked for me!

A few people were feeling a teeny bit worse for wear after their vodka-bucket antics from the night before, but all in all it was a completely brilliant day, and I really didn’t want to leave Sihanoukville in the morning. Especially as I knew it was the border crossing into Vietnam and we were to spend 10-12-hours on the minibus.



Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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