A day spent sleeping and sneezing in a hotel, on a bus, and on a train…

Unfortunately, I spent the majority of my only day in Chiang Mai trying to sleep the cold out of me. Admittedly, at this point in the trip, to get a cold was nothing, most people had the sniffles, but I seemed to be getting a seriously bad deal. I even opted for late checkout so I could wallow in self-pity for that little bit longer! I toyed with the idea of having another scalding hot shower, but decided against it due to the notion of putting those damn jeans on again. In hindsight, I probably should have done, because a) you always feel better after a shower and, b) we were due to get the overnight train to Bangkok, so I’d have likely put on my long PJ bottoms anyway (there was no such thing as appropriate clothing in public and I’d actually purchased 3 pairs of PJ bottoms from Primark to wear during the day on my trip anyway!).

The train was possibly the best one of the trip. Unlike the Vietnamese trains with their conservative cabins, the Thai train had the vibe of being a tour bus with cute little seats and tables that efficiently folded out to form beds with their own bed linen, pillow and curtain. The mattress was comfy, the blanket was in its own vacuum packed plastic cover and it was the only non-hotel that I’d slept in without feeling the need to get my own bedding out. We witnessed the guy converting the chairs into our bunks for the night, he had it down to a fine art, and because there was such a large group of us, it did sort of feel a bit like a private minibus, so that was a bonus too. Plus, I managed to use the confined time to pass my book around for everyone to write in! Our incredible month together was fast running out…image

Our wonderful bed-converter did however have a piercing voice at an obscene time in the morning when he was alerting us to our destination “BANKGKOK PLEASE. WAKE UP PLEASE! WAKE UP. BANGKOK PLEASE. BANGKOK WAKE UP.” Admittedly, he did have the entirety of the train to put back to normal before we pulled into the station, and he did have a mesmerising rhythm to bundling the sheets and pillowcase into the blanket ready for laundry service that was quite calming to witness.



Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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