My experiences of some of the temples…

As I walk around town going about my daily business, I am always shouted at by hopeful tuktuk drivers, as described in intense detail in this previous post. Mostly, I tell them no and carry on my way, as I actually prefer a motorbike now. There is infinitely better manoeuvring of potholes and its so much better for your back, plus I’m only one person and my rucksack, so unless I’ve just bought groceries or it’s absolutely chucking it down, I don’t need to be in a tuktuk.

Anyway, for those days when I’m walking about looking more tourist-y than not, I’ll get asked if I want to see the sun set over Angkor Wat. In all seriousness, I’ve lived here in Siem Reap for over 6 months now and I’ve never been to the temples to see the sun set. It is something that I will have to do before I leave town. I’ve now been to witness the sunrise twice. I’m glad to say that the second time was infinitely better than the first. The colours were gorgeous, and the photos don’t really give it credit. I was also feeling a lot healthier this time round, and the heat wasn’t quite so unbearable this time round too, so all in all it was an enjoyable experience. I also feel like the tour guide we had this time was incredibly knowledgeable and he definitely knew all the best places for photos!


I think my favourite temple that I’ve been to so far is Bayon, which has 49 great towers, each with four smiling faces. Seriously impressive stuff.


I was also planning another sunrise trip last weekend. Or rather, some friends of mine were planning to stay up late to watch some Euro 2016 football match (Italy v Germany) and then motorbike over to the temples to see the sun rise. The match was due to start at 2am. Full time would be around 4am, giving us plenty of time to find a nice spot. Unfortunately, this match went into extra time and then penalties. And even then, they had more than five shots each! Eventually there was a winner, but by this time, we were cutting it fine to trek the 8km to the temples. Instead we changed our plans, but the sunrise wasn’t a spectacular one. Oh well. It was an enjoyable night that finished with breakfast at the place that gave me this milkshake… so it wasn’t a complete loss. Plus, the company was awesome. You know who you are, special people.



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