Food and drinks, and more food and more drinks

For a person who loves food and cooking, and a minion who looks great next to any meal, Thierry and I haven’t been posting much about the delectable dishes we’ve had the good fortune to sample on our travels. I posted recently about traditional Cambodian food, and I did have that post a while back about eating bugs (which are a lot tastier than you would imagine…), but Siem Reap is a tourist town first and foremost, and there is food available to suit any taste, style and budget. Fancy a burger? Check out this bad boy:


It’s called the Big Pig Burger and it was fantastic. Admittedly, it beat me. Just look at the size of it! There was a pork burger, topped with cheese and bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a fried egg. There was honey BBQ sauce and fries, mayo and a free drink. It was served, as you can see, on a wooden board and it momentarily took me back to my own waitressing days at a delightful chain of restaurants in the UK called Bill’s, where we served burgers on boards. I mastered the art of carrying three boards way sooner than three plates, but that’s a story for another day.

img_2514So what else have we been eating? Well, sometimes we need to tone it down with a salad. Interestingly, Khmer salads tend to come served with rice, so it’s a fairly substantial meal. This is a lotus flower and chicken salad that was served in a giant petal. I think it was the stem of the lotus that I was eating, which didn’t have too much of a taste but the salad dressing was very good, if a little on the spicy side!

I went to a wonderful restaurant last weekend where the owner incorporates homemade rum into many of the dishes. The food was truly incredible, not recommended if you are vegetarian, but I’m sure the chef would be more than happy to cook something specially for you, if you called ahead. He came to deliver our food personally, explaining the img_2470chutneys and chilli pastes he had brought along with our dishes and checked back with us to make sure everything was okay. Honestly,  I think it was the best customer service I’ve had in the whole of SE Asia. Speaking of, this particular restaurant also boasts the best pina colada in SE Asia. I had high hopes for this cocktail, since we had received a sample of their homemade coconut rum on arrival, and though it was pretty good, maybe it didn’t quite live up to the hype, in my opinion. Thierry loved it though. He maybe had a little too much that night…

He enjoyed the homemade jams and chutneys too, and so did I. There was quite a wait for our food, so we were offered crackers and jams to start us off (I think they come as standard, but they made us feel like we were special!). The selection was really fantastic, from mango lime to banana cinnamon, from papaya to passion fruit. img_2468

I think what I’m trying to say here is that food is a wonderful experience for me, and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible before I continue with my sorry, our travels, because a meal like that in Australia is likely to cost three times as much as it does here. If we’re lucky.





Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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