Chill out ‘cos its about to get busy

No matter where in the world you live, from time to time, you really need a wellness break. Whether that is an afternoon escaping into a relaxing book or a morning lie in with no responsibilities; whether you want to be completely alone or with friends and family.  A weekend away from the busy hustle and bustle of city life or an hour getting your hair done. It’s good for the mind to experience a different pace of life, to stop thinking about work, or rent, or bills or whatever it is that stresses you out. Turn off your phone and laptop, shut yourself off to everything but your immediate surroundings and call it a mental health day.

That’s my justification for having a spa afternoon at a [fairly nice] hotel in town. Don’t get me wrong… life is great and work is a far cry from the 12 hour days I was putting in when I was still living back in the UK, both in office and restaurant environments, but the work I’m doing now is taxing in another way. It means being up and raring to go before 7:30am with more energy than the 8-year-olds in my class. I means I have to make sure my brain is still functioning when my private English tuition student is asking me whether he has the correct conjugation of the first- and third- person conditional tenses at 7:30pm of that same evening.

So therefore, my friends and I decided to take advantage of the fact that massages are a fraction of the cost here than they are back home in Europe (or indeed, Australia, which is my next destination), and booked ourselves in for a pamper session. Of the five of us, four chose an hour long aromatic oil massage. I mean, I’ve definitely had better massages, but I’ve also had worse, so all in all it was a good use of an afternoon. And it was a lovely experience, except maybe the boob massage. When I told one of my friends about this, I imagine he asked all the same questions that you are thinking right now. Our conversation went like this:

Friend: Man or woman?

Me: Woman, of course.

Friend: Khmer?

Me: Yup

Friend: Was she even trained?

Me: I kinda hope so. The other three also had the same experience, so I wasn’t the only one!

Friend: Did you enjoy it? Was it… okay?

Me: It was a little unusual. Kinda firm. But not unpleasant, I guess.

We had made sure that we had use of the pool for the afternoon, and it was a nice one. It was hidden from the main road, with an elephant water feature, complete with water spurting out of their trunks. Unfortunately, when we finished with the massage and ordered drinks out by the pool, there was a young kid with his family there. Yelling out in rapid French, he proceeded to dive-bomb into the pool. Multiple times. I had skipped lunch, so had ordered a snack in the early afternoon and my friends even suggested that I move tables for fear of having chlorinated water splattering into my plate. Luckily, they left before my food arrived, and the rest of the afternoon passed in a relaxing fashion with the most beautiful raspberry iced tea and good company. img_2550

Now a lot of you are going to consider me an absolute wimp but you should know what I’m like by now… the water was super cold! The weather was probably 30-odd degrees, but there wasn’t a crazy amount of humidity, so we were all congregated in the corner of the pool that was still bathed in sunlight! By 4.30, we had to call it because the water was uncomfortably chilly for us (but not the British tourists who just rocked up).

The rest of the weekend was a good one, with great food and awesome people, and another archery session. Kind of bittersweet though, because the countdown is on until I sorry we up and continue our adventure. We’re moving down under and we’ve got 3 weeks to go. And I imagine life is gonna get pretty hectic for a while. We’re gonna kick normalcy out the window and embrace Melbourne like a long lost relative. After months in Cambodia, I’m really looking forward to it. img_2397



Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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