Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

After working a six-day week, with five days averaging 8km walking, four nights without cooking, three boozy evenings, two days where the temperature reached over 30 degrees, and a broken pair of sunglasses, I went to the seaside to see some penguins as the sun set.

St Kilda is the seaside town that I first set foot in when I first arrived in Melbourne, but the weather in the last 10 weeks has been changeable to say the least. Whilst the weather has remained unpredictable and you can experience numerous seasons in one day, the forecasting is pretty accurate, so you can actually make plans and stick to them.

So, last week I had either Thursday or Sunday that the temperature soared high enough for me to want to go out in the evening. Unfortunately, the way in which my work day is structured, the only time it actually came into fruition was Sunday night. Unfortunately, every single (Chinese) tourist also had the same idea, and there were a lot of people around, so taking pictures was a pain in the proverbial. I didn’t catch anything worth posting, but in some ways, that makes it even more of special experience. I’m not sure about you, but in this age of social media and instant-everything, having a moment stored only in your mind and memory is so rare, it makes me feel happy.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course I took pictures! Thierry tried to make friends with a starfish, but on closer inspection, I think it may have died and gone to starfish-heaven. We used a bit of rubbish I found in my handbag to drop him off back into the sea. Even if he had died, at least he could be dinner for something else. Just completing that good old circle of life. img_2982

Then Thierry tried his tiny little hands at fishing. We didn’t get a bite, but that’s to be expected. He’s not particularly strong, what with being two inches tall and made from plastic. And I didn’t actually hire out a fishing kit. It was just a really great photo opportunity with a fishing rod that some person had left behind unattended. Sorry to ruin the magic here, but a lot of these pictures are just a “being in the right place at the right time” kind of thing!img_2981

In the time that I’ve being working at my door-knocking job, we’ve travelled out to numerous beach towns. In fact, just yesterday I was in a beautiful neighbourhood called Ocean Grove on the outskirts of Geelong. Unfortunately I didn’t have a very fruitful day since there were a lot of holiday homes so they were either empty or had people arriving for a lovely quiet beach weekend, and the last thing they wanted was a person at their door trying to sell their wares. In any case, I’ve been to Mornington a couple of times, and we did so well on one particular day that the manager shouted us pizza and beers on the beach. The seagulls were relentless, but the sunset was just beautiful.

I’m going to leave you with this incredible view across the marina, back in St Kilda and remind you that I’m still living the dream in the most liveable city in the world. img_2980



Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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