Christmas Blog from Coogee Beach

25th December. Bright blue skies, clear twinkling teal ocean and a sea of people – tourists, backpackers, Aussies and everything in between. Christmas is what you make of it, and today, it’s a time to think of all the Christmasses in years gone by that I wished I was somewhere hot and sunny and that this year, it’s a reality. 

I’m actually on the beach right now. It’s 2pm and getting pretty warm so there are less Santa hats around at the moment. But if you spend a minute looking, they’re everywhere.

Yes, we had a BBQ. No, I didn’t have prawns. Yes, I have more to update you on. No, not right now! I just wanted to put something up here to remind me in the future that this happened. That there were Brits behind us shouting “let’s do body shots!” and what they meant was, let’s slurp vodka out of each other’s belly buttons. That there are some fairly drunk Latina people to our right, blaring some easy listening music and blowing bubbles. That the sea is literally 20metres in front of where I’m sitting and that I’m going to jump in the (really cold!) water to cool off and then lie with my toes in the sand. Not a bad way to spend the festive season, eh?

Merry Christmas everyone. X



Just an average British girl travelling the world with a little minion.

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