Here is a list of all my blog posts in chronological order.

LHR to BKK is like winter storm to summer eveningimg_2397

New Year, New Country – welcome to Camdodia

Angkor Wat, market, massage & YOLO

Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville Seaside

Sihanoukville – Beautiful Bamboo Island

Another stamp for the passport – Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City orimage Saigon or Motorcycleland

Cu Chi Tunnels and boobs.

Mud baths and late night drunken antics in Nha Traaaaaaaaaang!

A birthday, a waterfall and another train.

Torrential rain in Hoi An and amazing local food

Cooking and Culture and Cocktailsimage

Motorcycle tours and more time on a bus

A Royal Citadel and a long wait at a train station

Natural beauty, unnatural lighting

Last day in Hanoi… Goodbye Vietnam

Hello Laos, nice to meet you…

Another birthday, a creepy park and Laotian dancing with kids

Monkeying around followed by Margaritasimage

Mountains and Hills and Utopia

Monks at Sunrise, Museums at Sunset

Rain, Cold, Slowboat, Cold, Homestay, Cold.

Cake & Candles on the way to Thailand

A White Temple, a Golden Toilet and Thai Green Curry

A day spent sleeping and sneezing in a hotel, on a bus, and on a train…

imageBangkok-Bangkok. We made it full circle!

Splashing out and about in Phuket

Trying to find a place to call home…

Kampot & Kep for Khmer New Year

Finding a job is like waiting for a bus…image

Turns out, I’m a complete scaredy cat… achooo!

Is Siem Reap some kinda arty hipster town in the making…?

To walk or not to walk, that is the question

Making something beautiful out of brass and bullets

Pancakes + Art = PANCART

More temples and a wrong turning to Thailand

Mango Salad and Pan-Fried Scorpion with a side of Ant Spring Rolls

Let’s talk about the weatherimg_2442

Friday 25th June – Brexit

Khmer Cuisine and Quality Coffee

My experiences of some of the temples…

My name is Thierry, and I’m Deena’s Minion…

Geckos and bullfrogs and snakes

Teaching (English) is exhausting

Food and drinks, and more food and more drinks

Batman and Robin Hoodimg_2728-1

Chill out ‘cos its about to get busy

Leaving a teaching job can be heartbreaking

Pub Street isn’t for everyone…

Until next time, SR.

Culture Shock

img_2961Living the dream…

Happy Days

The State Library of Awesome

Greenery in a big city

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Cook, Eat, Repeat

Street Art and Wedding Shoots   img_3020

Christmas in the sunshine…

Christmas Blog from Coogee Beach

One week in Sydney

Out with the old and in with 2017

img_3434Blue Mountains and Broccoli

Lookout for dolphins!

A whole week in Brizzy

A day at the Zoo

Noosa is National Park-Central!

4WD across the sands of Fraser Islandimg_4378

Whitsundays Sailing, Whitehaven Beach, Wonderful Life

Monsoon on Maggie Island

Bungee jump? Not a chance. Jump out of plane? Sure, why not?

Where Two World [Heritage Site]s Collide

img_4874So much more than a Big Red Rock

Adelaide to (New) Zealand via Melbourne

Aotearoa – The Land of the Long White Cloud

Cathedral Cove and Toasty Tides



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